Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO 50 Grain



Black Hills Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition (BHA) is one of the most realized names in the industry for premium quality ammo for hunting, self-defense, law enforcement and military customers. The actual niche for Black Hills’ products is custom, precision and high-quality ammunition. The biggest buyer for BHA is the U.S. military. But they manufacture perhaps the most regarded and well-known 5.56mm cartridge, the Mk262 Mod1, in SOCOM. Black Hills Ammo manufactures several other custom combat loads for additional U.S. military units. 

The quality of BHA is double to none; they do not compete in most orders requiring the lowest bid. But they have extreme pride in their quality of ammunition and are not willing to take away the person-hours of inspections of components and final shot to compete in low bids. They have no wish to be known as soft bid/low-quality works. 

However, this keeps them out of the rule enforcement market because most law enforcement contracts go out for bid. Generally, due to budget restraints, the main problem is cost and overall reliability. On the different hand, the military has the opposite view on ammunition. But they have exceedingly high standards and are willing to pay for the best ammunition. They also have many other missions requiring specific needs. Buy Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 22-250 Remington 50 Grain TSX online.

So, this is where Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm enters. There are no engineers at BHA as it is an assembly plant, not a design company. When Jeff Hoffman has a requirement, he searches for the right components. If those features don’t exist, he works with his suppliers. (with more than 20-year relationships) to custom design and manufactures that projectile or powder blend needed for that particular requirement. 


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