Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO 70 Grain 

Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO 70 Grain makes a lot of our military’s ammo. It’s quality ammunition. It doesn’t fail. These fellas are meticulous in what they do. Black Hills Ammunition worked for years, first with the US Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) and then the US Navy, on a long-term project that resulted in the MK 262 Mod 1. Buy Black Hills Gold Ammunition 30-06 Springfield 180 Grain for sale.

So, the black hills ammunition is loaded with a 69-grain Open Tip Match bullet. MatchKing bullets are highly accurate and have thin jackets held to exact tolerances in diameter and weight. Their accuracy has been renowned worldwide and has been used to win more target competitions than all target bullets from other manufacturers.


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