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Buffalo Bore Ammunition produces strictly ample bore ammo with massive firepower and dramatic results. Popular calibers include 45-70 Magnum Lever gun, heavy. 444 Marlin, Heavy 38-55 Winchester, Heavy 348 Winchester,50 Alaskan, buffalo bore 357 magnum ammunition 20 rounds jhp 125 grains, Heavy 35 Remington, Sniper 223 Remington, Sniper 308 Winchester, Heavy 450 Marlin, Heavy 30/30.

Buffal bore ammunition, in weaponry, the interior of the cask of a gun or firearm. In guns that have rifled barrels, e.g., gun, pistols, machine pistols, and artillery or naval pistols, the diameter of the Bore is termed the caliber.

Our business is located in Findlay, OH. We started in 2013 as a small company producing remanufactured range ammo for our sister company, the Buffalo Trading Company. Buy Buffalo Bore Ammunition 45 ACP 255 Grain online.

So, 357 magnum buffalo bore buffalo bore 357 magnum ammunition 20 rounds jhp 125 grains is the inside diameter of any cylinder, such as a gun barrel. It directly bears the type of ammunition used in a gun.

Is Buffalo Bor ammunition any good?

There are strategic charges and hollow point defense charges. My favorite Buffalo Boar Magnum is a 180 grit flat point. This is an exceptional loadout that demonstrates all the performance Magnum is capable of. At 1380 fps from the four-inch Python, this tough loadout is extremely accurate.


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