Buffalo Bore Ammunition 45 ACP 

Buffalo Bore Ammunition 45 ACP is a high quality, full power, standard pressure 45 ACP traditional ball load.

“Standard pressure” means it is safe for all 45 ACP firearms in normal working conditions. But this ammo is made in the Buffalo Bore factory and with the same machines, tools and people that make all of our other loads. It is not cheap or low-quality ammunition. It features low flash powder that will not blind the shooter should they be required to drop the hammer in a standard light condition when the criminal aspect is most active.

After much deliberation, Buffalo Bore thought there was a need for high quality, full power, standard pressure “ball” ammo (FMJ-RN) to feed through the older 45 ACP pistols worldwide. In great quantities. The Colt 1911 has been around since 1911, and others, like the “Tommy” pistol, have been around for a long time. Buy Buffalo Bore Ammunition 10mm Auto 155 Grain online.

The typical expanding JHP/45 ACP ammunition has only been around for a few decades, and Buffalo bore 45 colt ammunition designed to feed the flat nose profile of JHP ammo has only been back for about two or three decades. Many (perhaps millions) of those early 45 ACP firearms need the round nose profile of typical FMJ-RN ammunition to feed 100% of the time reliably.

So, we are also now making a traditional 9MM “ball” load (See our item 24K) for the same reasons we are making this conventional “ball” buffalo bore ammunition 45 colt load.


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