Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 16 Gauge 2-3/4″ Buffered

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The Federal Power Shok ammunition line is designed for practical, reliable and affordable hunting ammunition in a deer-sized game. Deer hunters, especially the Federal Power Shock 30-06 Whitetail, are the most prominent game hunters in the wild.

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There’s nothing wrong with federal power shok with that either. These bullets provide excellent and often destructive terminal performance for games like Blacktail Deer, Feral Hogs, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, and Whitetail Deer.

What is a non-federal bullet?

According to a July 24 press release, the new outlier “any white-tailed deer, mule deer, or other species uses a soft-point bullet optimized for federal power shok 12 gauge sabot slug precision punching and a centralized jacket to provide consistent lethal wound channels.” * The line also includes a 6.5 Creedmoor 140-grain weak point.

What is the clash of federal power?

The Federal Power Shock line of ammunition is designed for hunters who want practical, reliable, and affordable hunting ammunition on a deer-sized game. Federal power shok 00 buckshot Deer hunters, especially whitetail hunters, make up the majority of all big game hunters in the wild. Federal Premium Ammunition 243 Winchester 90 Grain for online.

Is Federal Power Shock lead-free?

Handy hunters looking for affordable freezer-filling performance believe in Federal Power-Shock Rifle Ammunition. The new Power-Shock Copper provides the same destructive reliability as a lead-free bullet. Shipments of these new products are now being delivered to distributors.

Featuring Federal’s Triple Plus wad technology, Power-Shok buckshot is proven to give you better shot alignment and hard-hitting performance in the field. Combined with Federal’s reputation for quality and awesome stopping power, you’ll get the results you’ve been looking for in a buckshot round. Recommended for use with medium sized game like deer and antelope.

15 reviews for Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 16 Gauge 2-3/4″ Buffered

  1. Anthony (verified owner)

    Light recoil, right pattern. Great for coyotes.

  2. Nolan (verified owner)

    excellent shotshells for the money, have had no problems with them, and use them in 3 gun and shotgun competition

  3. Avery (verified owner)

    Always use Federal for when it matters…how defense. This Ammo works well in my Remington 870. Feed with no issues.

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    Nice recoil very accurate love shooting steel . I shoot a Mossberg 590 I would buy again impressive price

  5. William (verified owner)

    This product is the ideal ammo for indoor shotgun usage. It is allowed at most ranges. it shoots clean, it\’s not overly powerful, It\’s very accurate, cycles well in my semiautomatic. The price is also very reasonable. Buy in quantity with free shipping and you can\’t go wrong. a complete win win situation and a lot of fun to shoot.

  6. Mateo (verified owner)

    Nice practice rounds. Light felt recoil and good accuracy. What I like most is that the aero which is like a wad/stabilizer is attached to the slug and only leaves one hole when punching paper. Would buy again.

  7. Isaac (verified owner)

    I use these for target practice. They cycle flawlessly in my Mossberg 930 SPX and Mossberg 500. Patterns are consistent and felt recoil is less than full loads. Great price for a quality round.

  8. Bryan (verified owner)

    Used for local trap competition this summer.Very consistent performance at all distances. Performed reliably in the various guns used by our amateur team.

  9. Nolan (verified owner)

    Good ammo shot 700 shells of this in a Remington 870 special purpose. Great patterning from an improved cylinder choke with 18.5 barrel. Great buy

  10. Henry (verified owner)

    Just grabbed another 4 boxes before it went out of stock! While other ammo is drying up everywhere,shotgun ammo like this can still be found and is very usefull.I buy a little every month and stockpile it for target practice,small varmits,and game like squirrels,birds and rabbits.Though not ideal,in my opinion would be better than nothing in a close up self defense situation.With the c ovid and election chaos going on one must be patient when mail ordering-it will eventually show up! With this ammo I can at least still have a little fun with my shotguns at a reasonable price!

  11. Bryan (verified owner)

    My belgium auto 5 with 20\”barrell and 8 round extended mag just love\’s this stuff! Very light recoil- like shooting a rifle! I do my own ballistics testing at my home range and this ammo packs a mean punch for low recoil.I stacked an old car hood in front of a steel door and let her rip! Punched holes big enough to stick my thumb in and went through both the hood,door, and cut down 2 and 3\”maple saplings on the way out!! It was jaw dropping for me! My \’39 Browning cycles this ammo perfectly no shoulder pain whatsoever after an hour of rapid fire fun!!(try doing this at the local range…!!!)anyway,this is my new self-defense ammo and will be stocking up! Works great in my s&w m-3000 police slug gun as well.Thanks Midway!

  12. Ryan (verified owner)

    Very accurate and well designed slug. Recoil is similar or less than most trap loads

  13. Zane (verified owner)

    I recently started using these for 3gun competitions to run in my Benelli M1. So far they have all functioned flawlessly, recoil isn\’t too bad and they are pretty accurate out to 50 yards iron sights on a metric target. I will be purchasing more of these slugs.

  14. Isaac (verified owner)

    It was accurate, and worked flawlessly in my 870 tactical

  15. Daniel (verified owner)

    Shooting out of a Mossberg 500 with most rounds kicks very hard but with these slugs you can go all day and there very on point at a 100 yards

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