Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey

Federal Premium 3rd Grade Turkey Ammo features a unique shot combination for 3 degrees of gobbler-killing perfection! The first wave of shot out the end of the barrel consists of a #6 Flitestopper lead shot that spreads rapidly to create a deadly pattern at close range.

The second wave comprises a copper-clad #5 shot, which creates a dense, even pattern at moderate ranges. The final payload comprises an ultra-dense heavyweight shot in size #7, which is 35 percent denser than lead. This dense shot in a smaller size puts more pellets on target while retaining velocity and penetration to fill out tags at 50 yards and beyond. The entire payload is comprised of 20% #6 lead shot, 40% copper-clad #5, and 40% #7 heavyweight.

Federal Premium® Heavyweight TSS™ Turkey Shotgun Shells offer tight shot patterns of dense tungsten on target for maximum penetration at long range. TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) uses a tungsten alloy with a density of 18g/cc, which is 22% higher than standard tungsten and 56% denser than lead.

The shot column is housed in Federal’s patented Flitecontrol wad, which stays with the shot longer for consistent, reliable patterns at greater distances. Like all shotshells in the Federal federal premium 3rd degree turkey loads line, it uses top-notch casings, an ideal setting, brass-plated steel heads, consistent powder, and an ultra-reliable primer.

So, Combined with the FLITECONTROL FLEX® wad, 20 gauge federal premium 3rd degree turkey shells outperforms most any other turkey shell in its class. Please login or register to access your lists. Buy Browning TSS Turkey Ammunition 20 Gauge Online.

Instead of a tight pattern like conventional turkey loads, 3rd Degree® uses a three-stage payload consisting of #5 copper-clad lead, #6 FLITESTOPPER® lead, and #6 TSS HEAVYWEIGHT® shot. 7 of 18 g/cc to deliver more forgiving patterns at close range while providing deadly penetration at long range.

15 reviews for Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Ammunition 20 Gauge

  1. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    In my beretta 1301 competition i hit 100 yard steel targets with ease. Im very impressed. Ill use them for hunting this fall also

  2. Ryder (verified owner)

    Use for 3gun. Shoot like a rifle. Cant imagine using anything else. 4th year ordering

  3. Zohar (verified owner)


  4. Ryker (verified owner)

    Shoots flat with less recoil than full power slugs. They are shooting good groups at 50 yards with a rear sight on the shotguns. Cycles our M2\’s.

  5. Liam (verified owner)

    I use these shells for shooting trap, and they work great. Manageable recoil and nice consistent patterns, also you can\’t beat the price.

  6. Ryder (verified owner)

    When shooting a shotgun match I prefer low velocity rounds. Just enough to hit/knock down target or for slugs to punch a hole in cardboard.

  7. Ryder (verified owner)

    This ammunition is amazing! Now having said that I dont recommend it for HD in small houses or apt. I would describe the pattern at 10yds, if there was one! I just had one big hole! At 25yds I did get a magnificent 8 inch spread (3 shot average) My weapon of choice is a Mossberg 590 A1. Now I recommend that you try some for yourself, yet if you want a wide open pattern in close quarters vie found that Winchester Mil Surplus ammo gives a good shoulder to shoulder pattern at 10yds. Additionally if youre running Federal Ammo with a Flite Control Wad don\’t use a choke! The chokes actually strip the wad and produce false patterns (if any pattern). My gun has a true cylinder bore ( No choke ).

  8. Paul (verified owner)

    These cycled flawlessly through a Browning Auto-5 Magnum properly set up with one friction ring. Recoil comparable to 1150fps trap load, follow up shots pretty quick. Accuracy fine. Produced a nice dent in 1/4\” mild steel @40 yards. Heavy leading (naturally) in a fully rifled slug barrel after 10 rounds, but that scrubbed out with a bronze brush wrapped in a little 000 bronze wool.

  9. Matthew (verified owner)

    This is the heaviest shot charge in a 2 3/4 12 gauge factory load that I\’m aware of. It has enhanced, not reduced, recoil. I can\’t imagine needing to shoot more than once with this load, but it\’s comforting to know that firing all eight rounds in my Remington 870 will put 272 #4 buckshot downrange.

  10. Avery (verified owner)

    I use these in my Mossberg 590A1 and it feels like I could shoot them all day long. No jams or misfeeds. Haven\’t cleaned my barrel yet so can\’t speak to how dirty they are. Will defiantly be buying again.

  11. Owen (verified owner)

    Low recoil slugs are a pleasure to shoot especially if shooting high volume. Regular slugs really start to push back on your shoulder after 10 rounds but with the Fiocchi you can go through 30 -40 rounds without a problem.

  12. Ryker (verified owner)

    Mild recoil and above-average accuracy. What\’s not to like!!

  13. Riley (verified owner)

    After patterning this load against other low-recoil loads, this one will be my HD ammunition. Patterns at 10 yds were half or less the size of those of the other tested loads, about 2 1/2\”, and about 2/3 the size of the others at 15yds. MUCH easier on the shoulder than regular 2 3/4\” buckshot loads, too. I was skeptical of the reduced recoil claims, but testing showed them to be completely true (of the other tested loads also, this one just patterned best for me in my 18\” cyl bore 870).

  14. Isaac (verified owner)

    Best buckshot I have found. Patterns are so much smaller that I expected. The further I shot the more impressed I was when comparing to my old \”go to\” round. I will not be buying any of the brands that I previously preferred. Recoil was definitely more gentle than I expected too. Would not hesitate to let my wife use this ammo. Try it out and you will be impressed as well.

  15. Henry (verified owner)

    Good overall ammo, however I\’ve had approximately 5% of the rim\’s get torn / ripped through by the extractor claw leaving a spend shell stuck in the gun. This leaves it inoperable until I can slide a cleaning rod down to clear it. Obviously not something that works well during a shooting match. So unfortunately while I like how this shell performs and patterns, I need to find something a little more reliable and sturdy.

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