G2 Research Civic Duty Ammunition 9mm Luger 94 Grain



G2 Research Civic Duty 

The G2 Research Civic Duty expands to transfer 100% of its energy to the target. But the Civic Duty Round retains 99.9% weight inside the intended target without concern over penetration in CQB situations. Typical bonded hollow point bullets penetrate, leading to insufficient energy transfer, damage and trauma inside the intended target.

It follows the principle that citizens must serve their society. In return, they receive certain rights and protections. An example of civic duty is doing on a jury.

Citizenship connects Americans in a nation bound by shared liberty, equality, and freedom values. Being a citizen comes with both rights and responsibilities. Civic duty embodies these responsibilities. Such civic duties help uphold the democratic values of the United States. Buy Hornady Dangerous Game Ammunition 450-400 Nitro for sale.

A voluntary g2 research 9mm civic duty ammunition is voting in elections—other examples of civic duty that citizens can voluntarily perform include serving on boards or commissions.


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