Hornady Subsonic Ammunition Online

Hornady Subsonic Ammunition — designed for precision and performance below the sound rate — now comes in both rifle and handgun loads. But Hornady Subsonic Ammo doesn’t have the loud report of a supersonic round and is paired with a suppressor, and it’s even quieter.

Hornady subsonic 9mm ammo is created to provide accuracy and performance in rifle and handgun loads. Ultra-reliable XTP bullets and powders have been chosen for optimum performance and consistency. Four different rifle cartridges and three handgun calibers are available for subsonic ammo. Buy Liberty Civil Defense Handgun Ammunition 10mm Auto 60 Grain for sale.

Other Features

• Loaded with unique powders optimized for subsonic use, the low flash signature is ideal for suppressed and unsuppressed performance.

• Bullets feature a cannelure for a positive case crimp in semi-autos.

• Explicitly designed to fit, feed, and function in various firearms, including gas system guns. 


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