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Liberty Civil Defense at a Glance Liberty Defense is working toward a safer future, secure from acts of violent crime and terrorism, by developing next-generation threat detection using disruptive technology to detect concealed weapons.

We typically envision civil liberties as limitations on government power, intended to protect freedoms that governments may not legally intrude on.

Armed with licensed technologies from leading security and defense research institutions, Liberty Defense’s experienced management team is positioned to bring contactless security to be public and private spaces to solve challenging problems of screening people for firearms, explosives and IEDs. Buy Liberty Civil Defense Ammunition 380 ACP 50 Grain for sale.

So civil defense 9mm armor piercing ammo rounds use a light-for-the-caliber bullet, ranging from 50 to 78 grains, and propel to 2 ½ times average velocity. Civil Defense bullets are lead-free, copper monolithic, nickel-plated hollow-points loaded in nickel-plated cases.


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