Norma American PH Ammunition 308 Norma Magnum 180 Grain



Norma American PH Ammunition

Norma American PH Ammunition has built an outstanding reputation as bonus ammo for hunters in Europe and Africa. Today, Norma USA is content to offer American PH ammo explicitly designed for the North American big game hunter. But this ammunition is loaded with premium hunting bullets for maximum terminal performance.

Finally, a Dealers page contains a dealer locator application. The norma USA American PH ammunition 6.5 creedmoor website is well organized and easy to navigate. But it is a rich source of information on Norma products available to American shooters and hunters and other aids that may be helpful. Norma is not a giant in the US market for rifle ammunition and reloading components.

Military munitions were the main product until after World War II, but by about 1950, the firm shifted emphasis to hunting ammunition, including exports. More recent company benchmarks start with the merger of Norma and competitor Svenska Metallverken in 1965. Buy Federal 9mm Ammunition American Eagle AE9AP 124 Grain for sale.

So, norma American PH brand bullets used in hunting loads and sold as reloading components include the Oryx, Vulcan, Alaska, Soft Point, Solid, Kalahari, Ecostrike (new) and Tipstrike (new). Selected Norma cartridge loads also use bullets from Swift, Barnes, Nosler, Woodleigh and Hornady.


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