Norma Home Defense MHP Ammunition

For 2019, Norma Home Defense MHP Ammunition has a new take on the defensive-handgun bullet, and it’s called the MHP (Monolithic Hollow Point). For starters, let’s get the description out of the way.

In 2019, Norma MHP was proud to deliver this same standard of precision and ballistic performance with the release of its new norma mhp 380 (MHP). But Norma mhp 380 ammo is an all copper bullet with massive expansion and excellent stopping power.

The Norma 9mm MHP needed to be shot into ballistic gel to measure expansion and penetration. I tested the 9mm version of the Norma MHP, and I wanted to try it in a commonly used defensive-style pistol. I selected the Springfield Armory XD 9mm Service Pistol with a 4” barrel as it perfectly represents a defensive handgun. Buy Lightfield Home Defender online.


  • Optimized load for reliable performance in all barrel lengths
  • One of the most enormous expanding defensive hollow-point bullets in the world
  • Cold-formed monolithic copper metal construction for extreme terminal performance
  • Remarkably consistent penetration and expansion in gelatin and precise ballistics
  • Designed for reliable feeding out of pistols and pistol caliber carbines


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