NovX Close Encounter Ammunition 300 AAC Blackout 110 Grain


NovX Close Encounter Ammunition 110 Grain Close Encounter Copper Polymer 20 Rounds… Nov. Caliber. 300 Blackout. Model. 300BLK110CE20. Bullet Weight.


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NovX Close Encounter Ammunition features a high-nickel stainless steel case, the most lightweight, practical, efficient case ever producing unrivaled velocity with dramatically reduced recoil for training and close-quarters self-defense. The lubricity of the stainless case allows faster, flawless, cleaner performance. The Copper/poly projectile penetrates car doors and glass while being smart enough to shatter on hardened surfaces to prevent ricochet. This ammunition is new production, in reloadable cases with a boxer primer.

Nov Pentagon is the new standard in premium lead-free pistol and rifle ammunition. Pentagon combines the NovX 2-piece stainless steel case with a precision-turned monolithic copper bullet. Nov Pentagon technology is specifically designed to achieve unrivaled accuracy, ultra-high-speed, and produce explosive terminal performance.

Offering unmatched performance with less recoil and faster cycle times, the novx close encounter 300 blackout High Nickel Stainless Steel Case is the ideal choice for home and self-defense situations. Buy NovX Close Encounter Ammunition 300 AAC Blackout Online.

NovX Close Encounter Ammunition has been reinvented. Extreme Self-Defense rounds available in 9mm Luger, new performance standards have been set that have already changed the industry. 


  • For close-quarters self-defense, competition, and training
  • The stainless case delivers strength, power, alignment, and less weight
  • Spire Point projectile creates devastating wound channels
  • Flies fast, less felt recoil, faster target reacquisition
  • Faster cycling and reduced bore fouling


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