Remington 22LR Ammunition Thunderbolt TR21241 40 Grain

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With heavier bullets, .22 subsonic ammunition can hunt small game without excessive noise. Standard Velocity .22 LR ammunition flies very close to the speed of sound when fired from a rifle barrel.

What ammunition is similar to Remington 22 Long Rifle ammunition?

Remington bucket.22lr rimfire ammunition is similar, but I have personally had better results with this Federal ammo. Federal Champion .22 Long Rifle ammunition is often sold as a 525 round brick but is also available in 325-round, 800-round, 1625-round, and even 5250-round value packs or bulk packs.

Will Remington subsonic 22 LR ammo work in a semi-auto rifle?

Like the CCI Subsonic ammo, the Remington Subsonic .22 LR ammo should still be effective in the small game at close range and may or may not toggle in a semi-automatic rifle. If that’s the case, it should still fire accurately, but you’ll have to change the bolt between shots manually. Best CCI 22LR Ammunition 0035 40 Grain for online.

Time to stock up on 22 LR ammo?

It was time to stock up and find powerful 22 LR ammunition to rid the family of this nuisance. I was handed a single-shot bolt-action rifle, a box of 22 LR (22 Long Rifle) cartridges, and an order to kill anything that screeched with extreme prejudice.

Remington is one of the leaders in advances in rimfire ammunition. Its wide variety of loads means you’re sure to find the right ammo for your needs. Ideal for competition, hunting or plinking, Thunderbolt Round Nose loads create an enjoyable shooting experience for young shooters and high scores for competitors.

15 reviews for Remington 22LR Ammunition Thunderbolt TR21241 40 Grain

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    I own SEVERAL 22LR’s. My conversion kits being the most picky about what they like to shoot. These work GREAT and are one of the best bulk ammo deals going. They are also quite consistent from shot to shot.

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    great ammo!!!

  3. Dylan (verified owner)

    cycles my semi autos great !

  4. Bryan (verified owner)

    I shoot A LOT… this Ammo is reliable… non leading… fairly clean shooting & Midway has it priced right …. when they offer free shipping… this deal is unbeatable!!

  5. Anthony (verified owner)

    plinking and competition

  6. Hayden (verified owner)

    I have been shooting thunderbolt ammo since I was a kid and that has been awhile ago. Always a good choice.

  7. Zane (verified owner)

    For any thing I would any other.

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    Great .22 shells

  9. Jackson (verified owner)

    Great value and good price.

  10. Bryan (verified owner)

    Excellent round and clean. Cured the stove pipe problem in my 10/22. Accurate and consistent

  11. Bryan (verified owner)

    For any thing I would any other.

  12. Camden (verified owner)

    Used it in my S&W M&P 22 pistol a lot works every time no miss fire no problems at all. On my 2nd box

  13. Lucas (verified owner)

    Remington “Thunderbolt” ammo has been my go-to 22lr ammo since the 1970’s. I like it, don’t have misfires, its not excessively dirty and its lubricated.

  14. Alan (verified owner)

    Finally a good price on 22 plinking ammo. For awhile, it was cheaper to shoot my reloaded 9mm than my 22’s.

  15. Owen (verified owner)

    Excellent round and clean. Cured the stove pipe problem in my 10/22. Accurate and consistent

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