Sig Sauer Elite Performance Match Grade Ammunition 300 AAC Blackout 125 Grain Open


Sig Sauer Elite Performance Match Grade Ammunition match-grade rounds are designed to excel in today’s perfect autoloading rigs. Innovation Our match-matching subsonic rounds provide shorter-range, lower-noise terminal performance for compressed AR rifles, while supersonic rounds offer increased accuracy and minimal dispersion when pressed.


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Sig Sauer Elite Performance Match Grade Ammunition has been doing well since they created their Ammunition manufacturing plant a few years ago. Originally intended to enable SIG SAUER to be a one-stop-shop for weapons and Ammunition for military and government contracts, their ammunition manufacturing capabilities have helped them deliver cheap quality Ammunition to the public. Their latest addition to the store is a .300 Win Mag cartridge with a 190-grain Sierra match projectile that they claim is “match grade.” This is precisely because the US military (and pretty much the whole world) has in recent years replaced the old.308 Winchester load with a standard range close to .300 WM as its long-range caliber of choice.

Suitable for Hunting Match-Grade Ammo?

So the same guy Sig Sauer E223M1 who is pushing the idea of long-range hunting, uses phosphorus bullets. A single phosphorus bullet is brittle enough to expand at such low-impact velocities. If you want to shoot moose from 1000 yards, a match ball is your only real option. Sig Sauer Elite Performance Hunting HT Ammunition 300 AAC Blackout 120 Grain for online.

What Kind of Shots Does a SIG Sauer do?

SIG Sauer 6mm Creedmoor OTM Match personal defense ammunition uses a hollow point projectile with a V-Crown coating. We feature a stacked hollow point cavity with optimum expansion for maximum exceptional power delivery on target, maximum weight retention and maximum stopping power.

Who Made the SIG Sauer Elite Hunter Bullet?

Elite Copper Hunting ammunition contains a proprietary solid copper monolithic bullet, developed by a SIG partner in Arkansas, designed for deep penetration and power transfer (1.8 times).

  • Minimum speed variation
  • Load precision for consistency
  • Holds the maximum weight of the bullet
  • Famous Sierra matching projectile
  • temperature stable propellants


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