Sig Sauer Elite Performance Short Barrel Ammunition 300 AAC Blackout 120 Grain


Sig Sauer Elite Performance Short Barrel Ammunition introduced a new line of 9mm pistol ammunition designed for use in concealed weapons. SIG 365 Elite Performance ammunition is designed for optimal performance in small-barreled pistols like the company’s P365 micro-compact.


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Sig Sauer Elite Performance Short Barrel Ammunition the box is relatively neutral; it contains something else. The load is visually appealing and features a long thin copper projectile, black brass and a silver primer. The cartridges resemble classic Russian military ammunition. Unlike old Soviet shells, Sig Load is not varnish coated.

Russian ammunition boxes were traditionally made of steel and had a thin coating to extract them and reduce wear on the weapons. Sig chooses sig Sauer elite performance 9mm a brass case with a non-reflective dark wash. This feature is exciting and different from the other 300 Blackout ammunition.

The new short-barreled 120g SBR Elite Copper Duty supersonic ammunition delivers the highest terminal performance possible in sig Sauer 300 blackout elite performance hunting for self-defense AR-style rifles, which the professional community has asked us to provide,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Development commercial in our various SAGAR. SIG.” SIG Elite 300BLK ammo loads have been well received by shooters, hunters, and government and law enforcement agencies, and there will be more exciting 300BLK deals from SIG in the coming weeks. Sig Sauer Elite Performance Hunting HT Ammunition 300 AAC for online.


  • 1.8x diameter compatible expansion
  • Black oxide casing implies SBR power
  • lead-free projectile


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