Sig Sauer Elite Performance Varmint and Predator Ammunition

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Sig Sauer Elite Performance Varmint and Predator ammunition are manufactured with quality components to ensure reliable performance. The polymer tip ensures precision on target and expansion for performance. This round is a practical and hard-hitting vermin and predator round. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in reloadable cases with a boxer primer.

SIG SAUER introduces Varmint & Predator Elite Performance ammunition in three of the most popular calibers preferred by hunters. This new line of ammunition from V&P features copper-jacketed, yellow-tipped projectiles designed for explosive expansion and match-grade accuracy. Buy Nosler BT Varmint Ammunition 22-250 Remington 55 Grain Online.

Available in .223 Rem 40-grain, .22-250 Rem 40-grain, and .243 Win 55-grain cartridges, the Varmint and Predator rounds feature projectiles that are light for their caliber. This produces higher muzzle velocities and flatter trajectories at all reasonable hunting distances.

Sig Sauer Elite Performance Hunting HT Ammunition

SIG HT cartridges are created with premium nickel-plated casing casings, and a flash-reducing propellant is used to minimize visible signature while shooting in low-light situations. Premium primers are also used to reduce speed variations.

Product Information

Cartridge 223 Remington
Grain Weight 40 Grains
Quantity 20 Round
Muzzle Velocity 3650 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 1183 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Polymer Tip
Lead-Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Country of Origin United States of America


15 reviews for Sig Sauer Elite Performance Varmint and Predator Ammunition

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! Accuracy as good as my most careful handloads, and real 4,000 fps velocity readings on my chronograph!

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Awesome ammo

  3. Anthony (verified owner)

    Ruger 22-250, Remington 700/243, Both love the Superformance. Almost as good as hand loads. Also, shoot a Remington VSSF 220 Swift. All Predator rifles. All my rifles shoot under 5″ Circles from a tripod @ 300 yards. Really enjoy Midway & Hornady. Also purchase Hornady in my handguns. Thanks.

  4. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Easy to load and sight in –will be able to tell more once i use it on some varmints ! This is my first time using a 22-250 cartridge .

  5. Julian (verified owner)

    Range shooting for now. Accuracy was what I expected.

  6. Nolan (verified owner)

    Used for hunting deer and hog. Straight flat line shooting shell. Have nothing bad to say about it.

  7. Jackson (verified owner)

    I gave this a 5 star rating for a few simple reasons. Cost, almost the cheapest ammo available and still good quality. Accuracy, was able to shoot sub MOA groups with this ammunition. Brass, for being a bargain brand the quality of the brass for reloading is fantastic (better than Remington or Winchester as long as you weigh them into lots). I have reloaded this brass 5 times and so far have not had any issues with brass fatigue, cracking, or brittleness. The only thing you need to keep your eye on is the primer pockets, they seem to be a bit deeper than other brands. Specifics, I fired these through my Remington 700 VTR, these bullets grouped around .8 inches, my tuned handloads usually come in about .4 inches at 100yds (using this brass with 40gr bullets). I plan to purchase more of this ammunition when my existing brass finally calls it quits.

  8. Tyler (verified owner)

    Couldn’t get better than 4″ groups at 100 yds with H&R Ultra 24″ Bull Barrel with 12 power scope. Pact Pro chrongraphy 6 shot avg 3644FPS (3691H-3600L) but had some pressure problems with beaking open action and only 40% extracted. Used rifle that may not have been fired and stiff trigger and 85-90 degrees. Handloaded some 55gr Speer SP and got 3/8″ group at 50yds so I think rifle is okay. I have one full box left that I will shoot later, if results are better I’ll post info here.

  9. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Bought this ammo for predator hunting with reservations on how much pelt damage a polymer tipped round would do to the predators I hunt. I was very shocked and extremely happy with the results. Rounds hit hard and drops em where they stand! Little or no exit wounds could be found, in fact I think it was frags that exited on one, leaving a blood droplet on exit. Knocked down a few groundhogs as well. No exits, which is great when hunting around barns. If you’re familiar with how the Hornady 17HMR bullet performs on varmints, this is just a larger version.

  10. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    Awesome ammo

  11. Liam (verified owner)

    1 1/2″ groups at 100 yards with Ruger American/Redfield 3-9×40 combo. 3 years, 3 shots, 3 deer. #1: Very large doe, ~200 yards, ran 10 feet in a circle and dropped. Heart completely destroyed. #2: Average sized doe, ~250 yards, bang-flop “high lung shot”. #3: Average sized 2 1/2 year old buck, ~150 yards, bang-flop quartering away. All 3 complete pass-through. Very little damage to meat. Also, very fur-friendly round for coyote.

  12. Julian (verified owner)

    Used for hunting deer and hog. Straight flat line shooting shell. Have nothing bad to say about it.

  13. Dylan (verified owner)

    I use this round for primarily Hogs and Coyotes. I find that it is very fast, flat shooting and accurate with excellent stopping power as I have numerous one shot kills at 300+ yards. I reload my own in 22-250, 25-06 and 257 Weatherby and find it very hard to beat this ammo in price and performance.

  14. Kai (verified owner)

    Love this ammo for small game and varmints, really accurate and shoots well in my rifle

  15. Daniel (verified owner)

    Whenever I set up a new rifle I buy at least 3 different brands of ammo in the same grain. Different guns like some ammo better than others. I’ve been a Hornady Fan since the early 80’s when I hand loaded. I have a J P Sauer & Sohn Wolverine Varninteer in 22-250 (heavy fluted 26″ barrel) I mounted a Zeiss 6.5-20×50 with a #75 reticle. The reticle is graduated from 200 yard primary cross hair out to 600 yard reticle. The Zeiss on line calculator lays out very very well with the Hornady Varmint Express 55 grain ammo. I tried Federal 55 gr Nosler ballistic tip and achieved 1″ 3 shot groups at 100 yards. Then Tried Remington 55 gr Accutip-V Boat Tail with equal results. Finally I fired a 3 shot group with the Hornady Varmint Express 55gr and shrunk my 3 shot group at 100 yards to 1/2″. So the bottom line is if anyone that’s not satisfied with the Hornady Varmint Express 55gr ammo I am willing to purchase it from them. I’m waiting for Midway to get some in stock but with the situation with ammo no one knows when it will be available. I do have a few boxes of Corbon 53 gr DPX. The bullet looks like a Laupa Scenar. I am looking forward to trying this ammo also as I have had excellent results in my Sako 85 260 Rem caliber and use it exclusively with that rifle.

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