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Before the birth of Speer Gold Dot Ammunition, most hollow-point ammunition was either lead semi-wadcutter hollow points or the cup and core hollow point design. Gold Dot was the first of the bonded hollow-point bullets or the brand that made the idea famous. 

The point, of course, is that speer gold dot 38 special ammunition quickly established itself as an over-the-counter brand that officers could depend on to keep themselves alive. Just as with other brands of ammo that have proven themselves in the field with law enforcement, that’s led the civilian market to buy it for the same purpose. Buy HSM Trophy Gold Ammunition 30-06 Springfield 210 Grain for sale.

So, Gold Dot was the first handgun ammunition loaded with accurate, bonded-core bullets. Utilizing our exclusive Uni-Cor method, we bond the jacket to the core one molecule at a time at the beginning of the bullet construction process.


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