True Velocity Ammunition

True Velocity Ammunition, a munitions technology company based in Dallas, Texas, is currently making waves in weapons and ammo because of their latest successful invention: composite-case ammo. But this new patented ammo is not only 30% lighter while still reducing weapon signature, but it’s 100% recyclable! Buy Norma American ph ammunition for sale.

So, whether they can measure a full metal jacket, hollow point, or soft nose, every bullet in true velocity composite ammunition. This stat can also apply to shotgun ammunition, including birdshot and slugs, making it a consistent way to compare shots.

True Velocity’s adaptive ballistic capabilities and quality control standards produce ammunition with unmatched accuracy and guaranteed terminal performance for law enforcement professionals who need it most. True Velocity Composite Cased Cartridges offer a distinct advantage over match-grade brass for the most discerning long-range shooters.

True velocity polymer case ammunition is more accurate than many match-grade loads with brass cases. But what’s most impressive about this ammo is the consistent velocities and standard deviations (SD).

So, True Velocity’s design uses a single piece of cartridge case made of the lightweight polymer molded in and around a metal trim on the bottom. A brass projectile is still installed on the tip of the ammunition, causing the bullet to leave the gun the same as in previous generations.


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